What people are saying about Dr. Allen

Ryan A. 

“My back was injured in an accident and was causing severe pain. Dr. Geoff Allen was able to effectively and completely fix my back (and ribs it turned out). I can finally sit and sleep in comfort again and I owe it all to Dr. Allen’s expertise and skill. Dr. Allen is also the friendliest and most thoughtful medical practitioner I have ever met and I now consider him a close friend. He knows his stuff and sincerely cares about his patients. I’d recommend him to anyone. He was also very flexible with my demanding work schedule.”

Linh L. – Dr.Geoff Allen is the greatest!

I’ve been to at least 4 or 5 other chiropractors and no one can compare. He is Extremely knowledgeable! He knows everything about the human anatomy.  I believe he is actually credentialed to become an anatomy professor. He teaches me along with other patients about what’s wrong and what you can do to make yourself heal better. He does much more than just chiropractic work he does this thing called A.R.T. (active release technique). He basically adjusts your muscles. I can’t explain it well but look up “A.R.T.” Dr.Geoff is the top of the top! Can’t get any better. I’ve been having problems for years now and its surely going away as I continue to see him. I’m only 24 and my body has been through TOO much.  “accident prone” is what you can call me.  I fall, bump, and just always hurt myself.  have been into 5+ accidents over the years (none of them were my fault).  my body just started to feel like i couldnt do anymore.  Stopped doing things i love such as dancing and snowboarding because i was in pain.  but it has changed tremendously since I’ve been getting his treatments.  He is AWESOME!!! I drive from elk grove to Folsom(a 45min drive on a good day) just because he is that good!  well worth your time and every penny!!!! and to top it off,  he is just a good person.  his heart is HUGE!!

Updated – 4/12/2012 After seeing the same chiropractor for years, I needed a change because my back problems weren’t getting any better. I was given Dr. Allen’s name through a friend and have been blessed ever since. I have had chronic back pain for over 10+ years. A pain that, at times, I just assumed I would have to live with for the rest of my life. After 3 visits with Dr. Allen I now know this isn’t how I have to live anymore. I didn’t realize how much pain I was dealing with until I woke up and didn’t have any!!!!

I have been off Advil and even Vicodin for a month now!!!! I can now enjoy many activities that were so painful before like bike riding, kayaking and hiking. Even getting out of bed isn’t a strain and I know that they day is going to be pain free. Not only has Dr. Allen made me a believer that you don’t have to suffer, but he takes the time to talk and understand each individuals problem. Because…..all back problems are NOT the same!!! He genuinely wants to help and care for each of his patients. In a world of “in-and-out” doctors, it’s refreshing to see Dr. Allen every week!”

Sherry Jones – A very lucky Sherry Jones

“Dr. Allen is a very special Chiropractor. Let me tell you why. Almost three years ago in November of 2007, following a flu shot, I developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). I suffered sever back pain along with nerve damage and tingling to my extremities. I had always been an “exerciser” but found it very difficult to return to my normal activities. Last year we moved to Folsom, CA and by sheer good “fortune” I found Dr. Allen. He and his wife are so cheerful, making you feel at home the instant you walk in the door. But that is only the frosting on the cake. Dr. Allen uses many methods to relive pain and aid in mobilization of frozen joints and muscles. I had tied myself in a knot from the fear of making any movement that might cause pain and found it almost impossible to relax the muscles in my neck and back that I had tried so hard to guard. I have made so much progress in such a short time. Dr.Allen has relaxed those pesky tight neck and back muscles. He has energized my athletic progress. He has kept my leg tingling at bay. He is using several techniques to get my entire body working as a unit. It was difficult to believe that I would ever get my healthy body back but thanks to Dr.Allen, relief and flexibility are in my vocabulary now. I actually had five good days in a row last week. Amazing! Folsom Life Chiropractic has given me back the quality of life that I thought was lost forever.”

Chris Scott – Truly a miracle man!

“I have only great things to say About Dr. Geoff Allen. I came to see him after suffering for 3 months with arm pain and numbness. He used A.R.T. (active release technique) to work the problem out. And the pain was gone after the first visit. He is amazing! The very key thing is that he will listen to you and really explain what he is doing as he helps fix your problem. I will also add that he has a very professional office with a mellow atmosphere which I think helps in the processes he uses. I come down the hill from Camino and it is absolutely worth the trip. I would not hesitate to recommend his chiropractic services to anyone. ”

Trina R – Lot s of good changes

“I have been going to the cafe of life, Folsom Life Chiropractic for a while now and I am so glad they have a new owner and doctor. Dr. Allen is a wonderful doctor. He takes the time to really focus all of his attention and engery on you. I have back and neck pain all the time and he is working it out. There have been a lot of different doctors in but he is the best.”

Catherine B – Awesome

“Café of Life was recently recommended to me by a co-worker and I am so glad I found them. I my neck and back have improved so much since I have been going. I used to have daily headaches because of my neck and now I am headache free.”     Dina Colliins Great Chiropractor “I’ve been receiving chiropractic care for over 18 years. I’ve gone to a variety of chiropractors over those years and would have to say Dr. Allen is by far my favorite. He uses a lot of the techniques most chiropractors use but he had some techniques that I’ve never experienced before that resulted in me feeling better much faster. I also appreciate the extra time he spends with me showing me different stretching exercises that would be helpful to me. Heather and wife Ildiko are very friendly and wonderful to work with also. If you see a chiropractor currently but aren’t getting the results you’d like, try Dr. Allen. If you hesitant to see a chiropractor, come see Dr. Allen. I KNOW you won’t be sorry!”

kelly tanner – Great time

“Went to Folsom Life Chiropractic and had a great experince with the New Doctor Dr allan. I would recommend that you all go there for your chiropractic”

Serena Ostrowski – The REAL Thing

“Hoping I could find relief from neck and back pain and be restored to better physical condition, I started using chiropractic services in February 2009. But, instead of getting better over time from receiving the chiropractor treatments, I began to develop new symptoms each time I left the office. Every time I went in, the doctor would perform his regular routine of cracking my neck and body. The doctor would ask me how I felt. I would try to explain, and then he would barely touch the areas on my back and then proceed to perform his regular routine. I got to the point where I was suffering with so much neck pain that it hurt to swallow, and I was scared to death and terrified to let anyone else touch my neck. Luckily my best friend, whom I trust completely, is a client of Dr. Geoff, and she, of course, highly recommended him.

Well, to put it lightly, I almost cried with tears of joy after my first visit. I was SO relieved to swallow without feeling that pain in my neck. And, I was completely amazed by his gentle technique, and his ability to feel where my muscles needed to be loosened in order to adjust my vertebrae. This is why I would NEVER go anywhere else EVER! He always CARES to assess where your body NEEDS treatment and doesnt just go through a regular cracking routine to move you through his office to get to the next client. Dr. Geoff is sincere, and he happens to be extremely intelligent in his profession. He really knows his stuff! I could go on forever praising this doctor, but you get my point dont you?”

Benjaminlp – Amazing Results!

“I live an active lifestyle and have never had body aches or pains but lately have not been feeling 100% and I seemed to be worn out more. A friend referred me to Dr. Geoff and my initial reaction was that I don’t have a bad back or neck aches, why would I go to Chiropractor? I did some research on their website and figured I would give it a shot. After just one session with Dr. Geoff I felt amazing! My body felt in balance, I had more energy and I wish I could articulate it more, but in summary, I just felt better; being physically active or at rest, it didn’t matter. I highly recommend Dr. Geoff.”

Michelle Crum

“I’ve had chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, back,and head for years and was hesitant about seeing another Chiropractor. After my first visit with Dr. Allen, I felt immediate results and will be coming back for more help. Dr. Allen and his wife, Ildiko made me feel comfortable and I appreciate their kindness. Dr. Allen answered all of my questions and explained everything he would be doing to help relieve my pain. I definitely would refer Dr. Allen to my friends and family in the future.”

Vince Horiuchi

“My name is Vince Horiuchi and I breakdance for the Sacramento Kings. I have been suffering from a neck and shoulder injury from Breakdancing for the past 6 months and have tried everything from physical therapy, message therapy and even acupuncture. Nothing seemed to help me until I started working with Dr. Allen. I now have found that I have had the strength and confidence to do my job effectively. He knew exactly what he’s doing and more impressively knew the name of every muscle, ligament and bone he touches. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Allen if you have any type of injury, pain or concern with your body.”